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EMT is "independent" again since the end of 2003 and you may reach them via EMT-Studiotechnik.
It's also me being no longer an employee of BARCO GmbH since the beginning of 2004, but working for my own by offering different services. On www.fabtech.de you will not only find my offered services but also lots of information about EMT units.

Every person once had the chance to use an EMT unit, will understand my enthusiasm for these units. Working as a freelancer for EMT I can practice my passion during work.

The book

For Stefano Pasinis book "Deutsche Perfektion" telling the story of EMT record players I did the German translation and supplied technical and other information. Unfortunately the book is no longer available.

Used units

If you are interested in used EMT units, from time to time I can supply one or forward your request.

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